USO of NC Brings Virtual Programming to The Front Lines

As we continue the path of the unknown following Covid-19 (Coronavirus), all in-person events and programs have been placed on hold. While the country continues to experience restrictions, service members who are returning from deployment, are finding themselves directly in a 14 plus day quarantine until cleared. Our organization is diligently working to provide relief to these men and women. Our team is working daily with base officials to coordinate, set up, and deliver troops in quarantine USO of NC packs.

USO packs contain a variety of essential items and a personalized handwritten note. In these notes our donors, sponsors, and staff thank a hero for their service and leave them with a few positive words of encouragement.

Our mission at the USO of North Carolina is to connect service members to family, home, and country. In doing so, we feel that now more than ever, our heroes and their families need our support. Considering the closures and restrictions we are experiencing throughout the state of North Carolina we have decided to host majority of our events and programs in a virtual setting!

  • Community Connections Coffee Chats powered by Community Coffee will be offered in the form of a “LIVE Zoom Call”. If you do not have ZOOM please follow the link and download. Once downloaded you can access our weekly Coffee Chats Friday at by entering the call # that we will provide each week on our websites event page & on our Facebook events tab.

  • Community Connections Story time traditionally takes place in our USO centers across the state. This program powered by Community Coffee, will now be published Tuesday Mornings at 10 am. A prerecorded video will be shared on our Facebook page and viewable anytime to include on our YOUTUBE Channel.

  • Drum for Change with Greg Whitt will be presented in the form of a prerecorded video on Mondays. Greg is an Air force veteran and a has been part of our Family Reset Program for years. His focus is on using rhythm and drumming to improve communication. We will publish the video on our Facebook page and share every Monday (not time specific) to start the work week!

  • Wellness with Brad Robinson will be a prerecorded video that will shared on our Facebook page on Wednesdays (not time specific). Supporters will have the opportunity to learn fitness advice, nutrition, and health & wellness tips. Brad has been a part of our Warrior Family Programs and Resets for years.

  • Virtual Pathfinder Events will be shared on our LinkedIn Page and advertised on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The links will provide details on how you can sign up and attend these digital events. Pathfinder extends support to our service members and their families as they transition from military service and settle into civilian life. The program offers a variety of tools, advice, and techniques that will assist in professional development.

  • Forces on the Move Challenge invites supporters to put their fitness goals to good use! This is a virtual fitness challenge and fundraiser happening March 30 – June 1. Our organization challenges you to promote physical and mental wellness while showing support for our military.

  • Operation Social Force is an online game of engagement, fun, and wit to combat the current social distancing climate. Each day throughout the month of April we will post a question on one of the three USO of NC platforms Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The person who answers each question correctly and engages with us the most during the month of April will become the Leader of our Social Force and the winner of a “Be the Force” Prize pack!

We are counting the days until we can host our events & programs outside and in person. Until then, please follow USO of NC on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram to participate in upcoming virtual events, programs, and webinars from the convenience of your home. A schedule of events will be published on our social media pages and on our website.

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