USO NC, Executive Staff

Executive Director - Kelli Willoughby

Communications and Public Relations

PR and Social Media Marketing Specialist - Suzanne Milano

Warrior and Family Programs

Lead Programs Manager - Tommy Walker

Programs Manager- Katie Kassa

Programs Manager - Heather Rossi

Programs Manager - Megan Grady

Field Programs Coordinator - Rachel Taylor

Transition Programs

Transition Programs Manager - LaTonia Mckoy

Transition Specialist (Ft Bragg) - Richmond McCloud

Coastal Area Staff

Coastal Area Center Operations Supervisor - Megan Boggs

Coastal Area Center & Operations Coordinator - Hailey Day

Piedmont Area Staff

Piedmont Area Center Operations & Programs Manager - Julie Milani

Piedmont Area Center Operations Supervisor - Georgia Watts

Piedmont Area Program & Volunteer Coord- Nicky Engel

Sandhills Area Staff

Sandhills Area Center Operations & Programs Manager – Brian Knight

Sandhills Area Center Operations Supervisor –

Sandhills Area Administrative Assistant - Trish Cannon

Triangle Area Staff

Triangle Area Center Operations & Programs Manager - Emily Bernson

Triangle Area Center Operations Supervisor - Samantha Reid

Seymour Johnson AFB Center Operations Supervisor - Sarah Nobriga