USO of NC, Executive Staff

Vice President of Government Relations and Strategic Partnerships - Kathy Bull

Vice President of Operations and Finance - Chris Froeschner

Vice President of Programs and Human Resources - Kelli Willoughby

State Staff

Finance Manager - Ellice (Lee) Beard

Mobile Operations Director - Bob Brown


Communications Director - Barry Morris

Digital Media Manager - Ryan Hodge


Field Operations Director - Megan Grady

Individual Giving and Major Gifts Director - Julie Craig

Corporate Events Manager - Katie Kassa

Donor Relations Officer - Ian Wright

Coastal Area Engagement Director - Amy Leuschke

Piedmont Area Engagement Director - Sandy Barnett

Sandhills Area Engagement Director - Blaire Fraser

Triangle Area Engagement Director - Patricia DeZetter

Warrior and Family Programs

NCServes Central Carolina Network Director - Tommy Walker

Program Operations Manager - Heather Rossi

NCServes Operations Manager - Rebecca Swaim

NCServes Community Coordinator - Chris Brown

NCServes Community Coordinator - Jessica Salinas

NCServes Community Coordinator - Rachel Taylor

NCServes Intake Specialist - Michelle Bulla

Pathfinder Site Manager - LaTonia Mckoy

Pathfinder Scout - Talia Besser

Pathfinder Scout - Richmond McCloud

Coastal Area Staff

Coastal Area Operations Director - Bill Lowery

Coastal Area Coordinator - Jeff Weller

Facility Administrator - Megan Boggs

Piedmont Area Staff

Piedmont Area Operations Director - Julie Milani

Piedmont Area Coordinator- Dana Gordon

Piedmont Area Center Administrative Coordinator- Nicky Engel

Sandhills Area Staff

Sandhills Area Operations Director – Brian Knight

Sandhills Area Coordinator – Shelby Rangel

Sandhills Area Administrative Assistant - Patricia Cannon

Triangle Area Staff

Triangle Area Operations Director - Emily Bernson

Triangle Area Coordinator - Samantha Reid

Seymour Johnson Center Manager - Torette Williams