USO of North Carolina announces virtual ‘Forces on the Move Challenge’

The USO of North Carolina is excited to announce a virtual fitness event promoting health and wellness while supporting North Carolina service members.

Forces on the Move Challenge is a patriotic virtual fitness competition that provides physical and psychological benefits to everyone during the COVID-19 outbreak. This is especially important to service members and their families which have seen most of their morale, welfare and recreational facilities close on military installations. These types of activities maintain readiness for our service members and provide a way to bond with families, giving them another way to engage in active outdoor movement.

According to Sandhills Area Engagement Director, Blaire Fraser, the Forces on the Move Challenge is a great opportunity to come together as a company or individual to boost morale, encourage exercise, and make a huge impact on our military community. “It’s as easy as setting up a campaign with your company’s name and deciding on a collective mileage goal across your organization. You or a team of your creation can then sponsor dollars per each mile the team completes” reportsFraser.

As COVID-19 is impacting everyone, it is causing an additional strain on the military and their families. Under normal circumstances, our military and their families already face struggles that accompany their commitment to serve our nation. As soldiers, Marines and sailors return from deployment they are immediately being placed into quarantine for 14 days before being allowed home to see their loved ones. As businesses close or reduce hours, the additional financial burden of a potential loss of a spouse’s paycheck has increased the need of feeding children home from school, and other financial struggles, and their needs are growing.

Across our state we are witnessing the shutdown of public schools, the cancellation of events, and restrictions aboard military installations, but this does not mean our support efforts have come to a halt. The USO of NC remains a true advocate of our mission to connect service members to family, home, and country.

The USO of NC is in the process of launching multiple virtual programs, events and activities via our social media platforms, in response to the COVID-19 virus.

The USO of NC always stands ready to serve and meet the needs of our service members. To learn more about the USO of North Carolina and the critical programs and services it provides, visit

Media requesting additional information, please contact the USO of NC Communications Director, Barry Morris via email at or by phone (919) 946-5699.

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