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To our service members, veterans and military families,

As we continue to monitor the rapidly evolving situation around the coronavirus (COVID-19), the USO of North Carolina remains committed to our mission, and we will continue to support our service members and their families in this time of need. Across our state we are witnessing the shutdown of public schools, the cancellation of events, and restrictions aboard military installations. We assure folks that this does not mean our support efforts come to a halt. We remain a true advocate of our mission to connect service members to family, home, and country. You can count on us to continue to do our best serving you and keeping you updated and informed. The USO of NC has been working closely with military commanders and government officials to provide crucial support. We consolidated a list of helpful information to help during this time.


The USO of NC is in the process of delivering traditional center programs for virtual delivery, including our popular Story Time, and military spouse “Coffee Connections” networking events. Continue to visit our web page and social media platforms for announcements on upcoming virtual event.

Critical Needs

Our support to our service members, veterans and their spouses is unwavering. NCServes Central Carolina is fully operational and is standing by to support. Although they cannot meet in person, NCServes technology allows for them to serve you remotely.

NCServes Central Carolina serves Active Duty, Guard, Reserves, Veterans, Retirees, Spouses, Widows and Caregivers across the following service categories; Benefits Navigation, Clothing and House Hold Goods, Education, Employment, Entrepreneurship, Food, Health, Housing and Shelter, Income Support, Individual & Family Support, Legal, Mental/Behavioral Health, Money Management, Physical Health, social enrichment, spiritual Enrichment, Sports & Recreation, Substance Use, Transportation, Utilities and Wellness.

Connect today by calling 1-866-249-6656 or and filling out the Get Assistance Request form on the main screen.


Some families may have emergent needs and require financial support during this time. If your family needs immediate assistance, the American Red Cross accepts applications on its website 24/7.

Army Emergency Relief has made provisions to be able to process claims remotely during the COVID-19 crisis.Coast Guard Mutual Assistance can process claims remotely as well and has outlined what extra assistance it can provide during this time. Support includes funding for childcare or to supplement loss of military spouse income.

For more information, contact your branch’s relief society. If not listed above: Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society, Air Force Aid Society. Relief societies may be the fastest way to get help since some are able to provide direct-deposit funds.


As schools across the nation close, millions of students are stuck at home with their classes on hold. But before your child gets too excited about not having to study, rest assured, parents, Scholastic has got your back, offering free online courses so your children can keep learning while schools are closed.

The educational company has launched a Learn at Home website that has daily courses for students from Pre-kindergarten to grades 6 and higher. From learning about why zebras have stripes to math lessons based on K-Pop stars, Scholastic’s learning plans cover all the subjects your student would be taking at school.

HEALTHY ACTIVITY Now is a great time to reconnect with the great outdoors. When families connect with the outdoors, they’re doing more than strengthening bonds with one another—they’re forming lasting bonds with our natural world. Check out this list of outdoor activities to help you and your family stay busy and reconnect and bond in a meaningful way.

The Great Outdoors:

Activities to keep busy while practicing social distancing

50 Ideas for fun outside

*Mental Health *

The COVID-19 outbreak has the potential to increase stress and anxiety, both because of the fear of catching the virus and because of uncertainty about how the outbreak will affect us socially and economically. There are steps you can take to manage stress and improve your well being.

For Anyone Managing Stress Associated with the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak For Providers and Community Leaders Helping People Manage Stress Associated with the COVID-19 Virus Outbreak

MILITARY SPOUSE SUPPORT Other useful links to allow spouses to stay connected can be found below. We are all in this together and communicating with one another is key in navigating the unknown.

Self care for a military spouse

HOW YOU CAN HELP Our support efforts only increase during such critical times. Our team is receiving requests each day that we are working to fulfill but ask for your help.

Donations at this time can be made to Operation Protect The Force 2020

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