USO of NC History: Volunteers at the USO of North Carolina Jacksonville Center have been making a difference since 1942

Volunteers are at the heart of the USO of North Carolina and allow our organization to strengthen America’s military service members by keeping them connected to family, home, and country.

We’re proud to say that even military service members themselves volunteer to help us achieve our goals. Pictured above is Marine Cpl. Kenneth Coty who, in 1963, found time to participate as a volunteer at Camp Lejeune, NC. Volunteers like Coty show military service members that their country supports them through all of the challenges they face and that their needs and interests are our top priority.

Our USO of North Carolina Jacksonville center has been strengthening our military service members since it opened its doors in 1942, just one year after the creation of the United Service Organizations, as one of the original 51 buildings constructed through provisions included in the Lanham Act. This makes it the longest continuously serving USO facility in the world, and has been as “a home away from home” for thousands of military service members.

Thousands of personnel per month visited the facility during World War II alone, and we’re proud to continue serving our military members all along North Carolina’s Coastal Area today.

Pictures and stories like these serve as an inspiring reminder of all what our organization has accomplished with the help of volunteers in support of those that protect our nation.

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