#MilKids: Share Your Story

Throughout the month of April, USO North Carolina asked parents to tell us about their awesome kiddos. We couldn’t pick just a few military kids to highlight because all of the submissions were incredible.

To all the Purple Kids out there, thanks for being you.

-USO North Carolina

Calvin B, 2 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Calvin is patiently awaiting his dads return home from a rapid deployment. While he is still young and cannot do much for the community yet, he never fails to put a smile on everyone’s face. He loves going to different military affiliated events with his mom and being the life of the party.

Sophia O, 9 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Sophia has helped other children in her neighborhood feel welcome after they first move in and has made lifelong friends because of this. She is also an excellent student and one who helps her peers any chance she can (her teacher tells her parents). Something unique about Sophia is that she is a comedian. She can tell jokes that will have you laughing for hours. Sophia truly is one of a kind.

Austin H, 6 y/o

Charlotte, North Carolina Air National Guard

Austin is a military child who is very heart warming. He enjoys helping others in need. Austin would rather help out by taking care of a neighbor’s dog that might be out of town or at his church’s childcare. He enjoys fishing, dancing, and playing outside.

Tristan O, 11 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Tristan is resilient, compassionate and loving. He has the passion to help the community by walking our neighbors pets and being the best big brother to his two younger siblings. Tristan is such a huge role model to his younger siblings and a fast runner! Tristan enjoys track, video games with his dad, reading, fishing, basketball and soccer in his free time.

Tristan is unique in many ways. One unique thing about Tristan is his positive mindset and attitude towards school. Tristan is eager to learn, and his teachers say Tristan’s positive attitude is out of this world! He is a hard-working student that goes above and beyond to make good progress and grades!

Alaneese S, 8 y/o - Arianna S., 8 y/o - Ethan S., 10 y/o

Marine corps, Charlotte

Twin sisters, Alaneese and Arianna, help their parents with their special needs brother and any other special needs groups they attend. They also love dogs and help when they can. They love the environment and clean up any trash they come across.

Kameron T, 8 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Kameron always look out for others. He always volunteers and pick up trash in the community. At Kumon, if his teacher is busy helping other students, he always helps out the students who need help.

Jordyn T, 13 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Jordyn always looks out for others. He will place his own needs to the side for other people. He loves to volunteer in his community to make it a better place.

Tobin G, 11 y/o EmmyJay G., 8 y/o - Benson G., 6 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Tobin, EmmyJay and Benson are amazing children! They are strong, kind, resilient and brave. They each show this in their own unique ways. They are good friends to others and are quick to welcome the new kids. They are proud of their dad and how he serves our country.

Sadie R, 7 y/o

Marine Corps, MCB Quantico

Sadie is always thinking of others and their feelings, when she is sad about missing her dad she always checks in with her brother and sister to see if they are okay. She is such a good friend to everyone she meets and is always eager to be a helper! Her favorite thing to do is draw portraits of her family and friends to show them how much she loves them.

Braxton C, 10 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Braxton loves to help his friends and is always thinking about ways that he can help them. He is a super social kid and will be one of the first to come up to new kids and invite them to spend time with him. He has ADHD and ODD and has always been open with friends and classmates about it. He is always trying to help other kids like him.

Axl T, 3 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

This is the first time for Axl that his daddy is gone for his deployment. He did not cry when dad left at the airport, and he even carried his dad’s little bag. He says he misses his dad a lot, and when he talks on the phone with dad, he always cheers up his dad!! Axl is the best military kid in the world!!

He never cries, even though he misses dad so much!!

Atticus T, 6 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Atticus is a great big brother! He always helps his mom with chores such as cleaning house, gardening and bringing in the mail. Things are rough for Atticus now because his daddy is deployed, however, he always tries to protect his mom and family and he brings flowers to his mom that makes his mom cheer up. He also speaks really good Spanish!

Apollo T, 8 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Apollo is Mathematician! He loves mathematics, Minecraft , Legos and all kinds of architecture.

He helps his younger brothers and his mom. His strength is to never give up!

Gavin P, 13 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Gavin has always gone above and beyond to push himself to be the best kid he can possibly be. He loves adventure, amusement parks and hanging out with his friends. Gavin has completed CPR, Basic First Aid, AED and storm spotter certifications. He is currently studying to get his HAM Amateur Radio License. He is a member of his school wrestling team, creative thinking honors club and has been invited to apply for the National Junior Honor Society.

Connor T, 7 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Conner is kind-hearted and compassionate. He is fun loving and free spirited. He loves to help his teacher and learn new things! He loves jujitsus, Pokemon, Roblox and playing with his friends. His teacher calls him a mathematician, and he loves to read new books! One day he wants to grow up to be an engineer but for now he is a fort building machine!

Sara T, 5 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Sara loves playing with her Polly Pockets, makeup and dress up! She has taken Kindergarten by storm and has learned so much in such a little time. She is her Daddy’s favorite princess and her mommy’s tiny shadow. One day she wants to be an actress, a mail carrier and work on an ice cream truck! There is never a dull moment with Ms. Sara around.

Shyann K, 14 y/o - Liam K., 9 y/o - Avery K., 7 y/o - Bryson K, 5 y/o - Jordyn K., 3 y/o - Blakelyn K., 1 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

These military children are so resilient. They have adapted to 6 moves from state to state, two-9-month deployments, countless training exercises, new schools, friends, sports, etc. Avery was born while her daddy was deployed and met him when she was 8 months old… she is such a daddy’s girl now.

Izariah, 9mos - November, 7 y/o - Ariyon, 4 y/o - Marcellus, 1 y/o

Air Force, Pope Air Force Base

My children have overcome a lot while being a military child. They started to play soccer while their dad was deployed. This helped them connect with other children in the community that also had parents deployed.

Caleb T, 12 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Caleb has been a military child his whole life. He has moved over 6 times and changed schools 4 times in his 12 shorts years of life. He does so every time with such a great attitude and smile on his face. He’s very social and loves making new friends. At school it is his priority to make sure no one feels alone or sad as he knows what it’s like to be the new kid and have to start all over. He has such a big heart and love for life. He’s respectful and kind. He’s a great hockey player and has a passion for acting and theatre! He adapts so well to the changes military life brings us and never complains! He is also the best big brother in the world to his little brothers!

Wyatt T, 4 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Wyatt loves making new friends and playing with his brothers! He is so full of life and loves to make jokes! He loves to dance and sing every day! He’s the best big brother. He brings a smile to anyone he’s around! His energy is contagious and he loves to make people laugh!

Tristen N, 12 y/o

Air Force, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Tristen loves anything involving STEAM based projects. He loves building, creating, and painting, and loves to look at things in an entirely different way.

Hudson N, 10 y/o

Air Force, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

Hudson is one of the kindest most considerate kids you will ever meet. He loves gaming and hanging out with his best dog friend, Griswold. Hudson is incredibly welcoming and kind to all kids at his school and loves being an ambassador to new students.

John N, 8 y/o

Air Force, Seymour Johnson Air Force Base

John is the youngest of three military kiddos. John loves art and being incredibly creative. He is constantly looking at the positive side of everything and misses Germany, where he was born.

Gabriel, 11 y/o - Maya, 11 y/o

Army, Fort Bragg

Gabriel and Maya have attended 3 different schools thus far. They continue to think positive and encourage other children with their experience. While moving is hard - and transitions are not always easy - both Gabriel and Maya always try to see the positive possibilities in the future experiences.

Tommy B, 9 y/o

Marine Corps, Marine Corps Air Station New River

Tommy is resilient in his unwavering commitment to do what is right for his family, community, environment, and even his friends. Whether it is standing up to a bully at school to protect others or informing others on how they can help the environment and the most vulnerable animals, Tommy’s heart is always leading the way to what he feels is right. Tommy hopes one day that he can continue to protect others and become a United States Marine, like his idol, his daddy. He recently visited Parris Island with his dad and got to watch a bootcamp graduation and see where Marines are made. Tommy even schooled his daddy in some Marine Corps history while there. His infectious attitude brings laughter and joy into any room. Tommy’s heart is pure gold, and he spreads kindness wherever he goes. Tommy is one of a kind and his family is proud of the difference he makes - big and small - every day.

Hayden S, 12 y/o

Marine Corps, Camp Lejeune

Hayden has always been such a caring child. She’s an awesome big sister. She goes out of her way to help anyone she meets. She’s a wrestler and a cheerleader and is hoping to do both next school year.

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