USO of NC's National Guard Service Member of The Year Award

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The USO of North Carolina presented Sergeant First Class Kevin Kenna with the USO of NC 2020 National Guard Service Member of The Year Award on November 13th, 2020.

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Kevin Kenna has distinguished himself as an outstanding National Guardsman by providing emergency communication support during multiple hurricanes, conducting COVID-19 sample collection missions, and earning the title “Brigade Best Warrior”.

Over the past 12 months, SFC Kenna was asked to deploy via aircraft and wheeled emergency vehicles to support areas that were severely damaged by hurricanes and lacking critical phone and internet capabilities. Upon arrival into the impacted areas, he was able to quickly troubleshoot communications back to the Eastern National Guard Branch, allowing first responders to report information and request needed supplies to save lives and prevent further property damage.

SFC Kenna also directly supported the NC Health Department by serving on multiple COVID-19 testing missions that resulted in over 17,000 tests being administered across the state. During these missions, SFC Kenna directly improved the process of sample collection and submission efforts in NC. SFC Kenna provided valuable information to public health agencies that allowed them to focus efforts and resources where they were needed to provide the best support for the citizens of North Carolina.

In addition to emergency communication support and COVID sampling, SFC Kenna also distinguished himself by earning the title of “60th Troop Command Best Warrior”. During the weeklong competition, SFC Kenna excelled in events that tested physical fitness, land navigation, written communication skills, personal appearance, call for indirect fire, and individual weapons qualifications. SFC Kenna proudly represented his unit earning the title of ‘Brigade Best Warrior”.

The USO of North Carolina Awards Kenna with the 2020 National Guard Service Member of the Year Award for his dedication, sacrifice, and commitment to our nation, our state, and its communities.

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