Volunteers Are The Force Behind The Forces

As we celebrate National Volunteer Week, the USO of North Carolina would like to state that our USO volunteers are the backbone of our organization. This past year the USO of North Carolina had 1,179 volunteers that served a total of 101,489 hours. That works out to almost 49 full-time equivalents of workers working 40 hours per week, 52 weeks per year. They volunteer out of their kindness of their hearts and are dedicated to strengthening our service members and their families through their commitment to our centers and programs.

If we were to put an average salary of $25.00/hour (including benefits) against that number of hours volunteered, we would have to increase our annual salary budget by $2,537,225.

We can’t thank our USO volunteers enough. Without them, our centers and programs would not be able to serve our nation’s heroes and their families!

Although this week is National Volunteer Week, we celebrate our volunteers each and every day of the year. Thank you for being the Force Behind the Forces!

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