Volunteer Story: Dawn Preneveau

Dawn Preneveau lives near Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, NC but the commute to Jacksonville doesn’t stop her from volunteering with the USO of North Carolina. Preneveau has been a USO of NC volunteer for about a year and a half, and currently helps coordinate delivering birthday cakes to single service members in the area as part of what is known as the Cake Brigade.

Preneveau coordinates cake baking and delivery, but she says that her favorite part of the volunteer effort is when she gets to deliver a cake in person and put a smile on a young service member’s face.

Just last week, she delivered a cake for a 6-foot-9-inch tall Marine. “We totally embarrassed him, but it was so much fun,” said Preneveau.

Like with most cake requests, his Mom had reached out to ask the USO of NC Jacksonville center to deliver a cake for his birthday while he was away from home.

Preneveau’s husband is a retired Marine who served for more than 20 years. As a former military spouse, she understands what it’s like to be on the other side and that is why she wanted to get involved with the USO of NC as a volunteer. 

When asked what advice she had for someone who may be considering joining the USO of NC as a volunteer, Dawn said, “Do it. It’s so rewarding and so much fun. Never in a million years could have imagined this, especially the friends I’ve made. It’s a family. Words can’t express how good it makes you feel to put a smile on someone’s face or just give them a hug or get a message from someone’s mom that says ‘you’ve made my day, I’m crying’.”

Join Dawn Preneveau as a volunteer with the USO of NC by visiting  https://northcarolina.uso.org/support/volunteer.

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