Ed Petkovich takes on The Fayetteville Challenge

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Last year on March 25, 2017 Ed Petkovich, a retired Army veteran, found himself looking for landmarks and small businesses and taking selfies downtown Fayetteville with his son. Yes, you read it right. Selfies.

The father-son duo were taking on the Fayetteville Challenge and they were determined to win.

The #FayChallenge is a web-based scavenger hunt around downtown Fayetteville of local businesses and historic landmarks. Teams of two compete with other teams for prizes and great photo opportunities. The best part: it supports our nation’s service members and military families.

Petkovich and his family conquered the challenge in two teams - Ed and his oldest son on one side, and his wife and younger son on the other.

“My oldest son was my teammate, my youngest son was my wife’s teammate,” said Petkovich. “It was a great opportunity to get out with the family and support the community and the USO.”

Though the Petkovich family didn’t come in first place. They had a fun afternoon and found value in learning about the city they call home.

“Learning about the different businesses in our community that I wasn’t even aware of in addition to the local landmarks that were part of the challenge,” Petkovich said when asked about his favorite part.

One of the notable landmarks featured in the Fayetteville Challenge features was the statue of Lafayette. This statue has a twin in Fayetteville’s sister city Saint-Avold, France. Petkovich took his two sons on a business trip after the challenge, and were able to visit the statue of Lafayette there, where a sign noted of the cities’ relation.

For those considering participating in this year’s event on June 16, Petkovich urged, “It’s a way to get to know [Fayetteville], especially the downtown area. Go out for a walk and make it fun. Participate – it’s a great cause.”

As an Army veteran who benefited from many USO services throughout his own military career, Petkovich also encouraged others to participate to show their support. The cause is near and dear to his heart, so much so, that his company, the Walsingham Group is showing their support for the second consecutive year as an event sponsor.

As for families, Ed told participants, “Bring your kid because they’ll push you, they’ll make you run a little bit faster if you try to keep up with your kid.”

Since the Fayetteville Challenge is on Father’s Day weekend, this event is an ideal family bonding event.

Find a team member and sign up day for this chance to be a #ForceBehindTheForces and have fun while doing it! Register here: http://www.fayettevillechallenge.com.

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