Volunteer Voices: Scott Lee

Scott Lee, an Air Force veteran originally from Gaston County, North Carolina, is committed to supporting service members that follow in his footsteps through volunteerism.

Lee has been a USO of North Carolina Piedmont Area volunteer since 2006 and enjoys staying connected with the military community even after leaving the service.

Lee served in the United States Air Force from 1994-1998. His security forces military career took him from North Carolina to Texas and Saudi Arabia.

“You meet people from all over the world,” Lee said of his time in service.

He has also found that to ring true even though volunteering with the USO of NC. Lee has had the opportunity to meet a wide variety of people passing through the USO of North Carolina Charlotte Center, including people that he served with in the past and several Medal of Honor recipients.

When asked why volunteering is so important, Lee pointed out the fact that “so few of our population, less than one percent serves in the military.”

He believes the the USO of North Carolina, and the work he supports is making a big impact.

“The services that the USO provides has grown exponentially over the years. Its gone from a place that you can sit and watch TV to transition services and support services for the families of those that are deployed,” said Lee.

Lee currently works as an insurance agent and is recently engaged, but still finds the time to volunteer at the USO of North Carolina center located within the Charlotte Douglas International Airport. He volunteers every Friday evening and occasionally picks up a Saturday shift or volunteers at USO of NC events outside the center.

Lee has given more than 1,700 volunteer hours to date.

“It humbles you to hear them say thank you to us,” Lee said.

Join Scott Lee as a USO of North Carolina volunteer or join him in support of our service members with a financial gift.

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