Volunteer Voices: Don and Frank

Dynamic duo Frank and Don have been volunteering together at the USO of North Carolina’s Raleigh-Durham International Airport center for more than 10 years. The pair became fast friends when they were scheduled to the same USO of NC volunteer shift, and have been inseparable ever since.

Col. William Franklin Rawley (Retired) is a World War II veteran. Rawley enlisted in the military in 1943, and attended Officer Candidate School (OCS) right after boot camp. His first assignment was with the 71st Infantry Division and he was soon sent overseas. Rawley led his troops across Europe as part of the Allied War Effort under General Patton. Between his active duty and reserve service, Rawley served for a total of 30 years.

Maj. Don King (Retired) is a retired Vietnam veteran. King spent most of his Army career as special forces operator. Almost exactly one year after earning his Green Beret and was deployed to Vietnam with 5th Special Forces Group. When he returned home, he attended Officer Candidate School and shortly after deployed to Vietnam for a second time with Special Forces. He went on to serve for 21 years and was stationed all over the world, from Korea to Germany.

In retirement, both men decided that they wanted to give back. They’ve been volunteering since the start, even before the grand opening of the USO of North Carolina’s Raleigh Center in its current space at the airport.

When asked why he decided to join the USO of North Carolina as a Force Behind the Forces and volunteer, Rawley said, “I’ve always supported the military. It’s just a wonderful opportunity to help out.”

Now, every Thursday morning, Don picks up Frank and drives him to the airport for their volunteer shift supporting service members traveling through the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

“In return for my chauffeur services he takes me to lunch at iHop every Thursday. We’ve got a good relationship going,” said Don.

Join Don and Frank as a USO of North Carolina volunteer or join them in support of our service members with a financial gift.

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