USO of NC Pathfinder program client attends Super Bowl with USAA, Panthers player Christian McCaffrey

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Ralph Waller and Travis Loftis smile in the USAA Military Appreciation Lounge with Christian McCaffrey.

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Ralph Waller and Travis Loftis show their excitement about heading to the Super Bowl.

On February 4th, 2018, Ralph Waller and Richard “Travis” Loftis had the opportunity to attend Superbowl LII with the Carolina Panther’s own running back Christian McCaffrey. The Panthers Football player teamed up with USAA and the USO of North Carolina to find two former military service members to take with him to the game.

Through the USO of North Carolina Pathfinder program, Waller was excited to be considered for this opportunity. When he found out he was selected, he was awe-struck.

“I was in disbelief,” Waller says about finding out he was chosen. “I was super excited to find out I was going, especially with an up-and-coming, rising star like Christian McCaffrey.”

But the Superbowl was only one of the great opportunities Waller and Travis got to participate in over their weekend trip in Minnesota. Upon arriving at their hotel, they found backpacks full of goodies on their beds.

Waller says, “We were like teenage boys opening up Christmas gifts!”

And on Saturday, in the USAA Military Appreciation Lounge, Waller and Loftis finally got to meet Christian McCaffrey himself. The pair got autographs, pictures, and McCaffrey even called Travis’ daughter, a fan of the Carolina Panthers, on FaceTime to say hello.

“He’s a really cool guy,” Waller recalls. They also exchanged contact information to set up a hunting trip with McCaffrey. “We were smiling the entire time.”

Waller says the whole experience was very humbling for him to see the level of support and to know the behind the scenes coordination that went into his Superbowl weekend.

This isn’t the only opportunity the USO of North Carolina Pathfinder Program has provided Waller, however. Waller told us about the resume help and action plan he received when he went to through the program. With this help, Waller secured his current job at an international insurance company, Worldwide Risk Management.

Find out more about the Pathfinder Program here.

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