Volunteer Feature: Col. (Ret) Cleatus “Jack” Cox

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Jack giving us his best #Flex4Forces pose!

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Jack during his time in service.

Col. (Ret) Cleatus “Jack” Cox is a retired Vietnam, Korean War, and WWII Veteran, who serves three days a week at the USO of North Carolina’s Fort Bragg center.

Jack’s last assignment in the military was as a Garrison Commander at Fort Bragg, so it’s very special that he is able to support our service members at the same military base.

Throughout his time in service, Jack sent his soldiers to the USO, and even had the privilege of escorting Bob Hope in Vietnam. One of his favorite parts about volunteering is that he gets to chat with service members about the good old days.

When asked why he volunteers and flexes for forces, Jack said “You need to give back what you have received on active duty. I’ve talked a lot of people into volunteering – because you need to give back what we’ve given you.”

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