Support for the Fallen and their Families

Standing by military families through the most difficult of times

Steadfast Support in Times of Need As loved ones are faced with the loss of a family member, USO of NC stands by their side, ready to provide support in the toughest of times. From a troop’s dignified transfer to their final resting place, USO-NC offers assistance as they mourn and grieve the loss of their loved one. The USO also supports the families of those who have made the ultimate sacrifice through our partnerships with organizations such as the Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and Fisher House, as well as the support received at various USO centers across the United States. No matter what the hour or the need, the USO and the USO of NC is there for the families of the fallen.

HONOR SUPPORT TEAM This highly trained team works with the airports, airlines and military Casualty Assistance to coordinate dignified returns at the tarmac and assist families however possible. The teams at USO of NC centers also coordinate with the network of USO centers across the country to ensure that family members have assistance and support at every stop. The Honors Support Team renders plane-side military honors to fallen service members, treating each hero with dignity, gratitude and respect as they make their final journey home. On-call 24/7, Honors Support Team members coordinate extensively with airport authorities and military casualty-assistance officers to ensure remains are never left unattended, and to help make navigating a busy airport less stressful for family members and escorts. A unique service of the USO of North Carolina, the Honors Support Team was founded by volunteers at the Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

EASING THE BURDEN Always by their side, the USO proudly stands with our nation’s military families, especially in times of great sorrow. When tragedy befalls a serviceman or woman, the worlds of many come to a halt. As lives of loved ones are turned upside down, the USO of NC provides a foundation of support to help those touched by loss. Our caring USO staff and volunteers are prepared to provide assistance from our international airports to our centers, giving comfort and guidance. As families mourn, the USO of NC aims to alleviate many of the logistical hurdles with free Internet, computer and telephone access so that families and friends may properly grieve and honor their fallen hero.

AIRPORT ESCORT SERVICES The USO is dedicated to serving the families of our fallen service members. Our caring USO of NC staff and trained volunteers will meet with the families upon arrival at the airport to help alleviate the burdens of travel as the family mourns the loss of their fallen hero. Our USO representative will escort the family to their gates, to the USO of NC lounge, provide airport and travel information, and will provide any other support that the family may need at that time.

EMERGENCY HOTEL STAYS Sometimes the best laid out plans can change at a moments notice and emergency situations can arise. The USO of NC is dedicated to ensuring that families traveling due to the loss of their fallen service member will have a place to stay and a “home away from home” during their time of grief.

FAMILY TRAVEL PACKS Family traveling through the airport due to the loss of their loved one can receive travel packs filled with snacks and beverages.

FLIGHT CHANGE ASSISTANCE USO of NC understands that flights and plans can change at a moments notice. Our experienced volunteers and staff will be there to take on this burden for the family, and assist in re-booking flights or finding alternative transportation to ensure that the family will arrive to their final destination on time.

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