A coordinated network of providers serving veterans and their families

NCServes Central Carolina is a coordinated network of public, private and non­profit organizations serving veterans and their families from Raleigh to Fayetteville and through the Triad, utilizing a common technology platform to create accountability and formalize communication, coordination and transparency ­ in order to efficiently and effectively guide veterans, service members and their families to the most appropriate services and resources available to achieve their unique goals.

Who We Serve

Veterans and their families who reside in the Raleigh, Fayetteville and Triad areas are eligible for support from the network. We aim to support all individuals who have worn the uniforms of our military – regardless of age, era, branch or discharge status. Not all services are available to every member however, our Care Coordinators will strive to find an appropriate local resource.

How It Works

Our network continues to work collectively to improve the coordination and direct service delivery to our veteran families. By adopting the technology and aggregating our community-­wide data, we are able to more accurately identify and measure:

  • Who is requesting services?
  • What services they are requesting?
  • Availability of those services?
  • Time it takes to meet the need?
  • Most importantly, the individual outcomes as a result of those services delivered?

This would not be possible without the commitment and servant leadership of our partner providers as well as the generous support of our donors. Our community has come together to create a new innovative approach of leveraging existing strengths, philanthropic leadership, and local coordination to better serve our veteran families.

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